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Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Sumac Powder, 100gm | Non-GMO and Gluten Free | Indian Spice | Seasoning

Sumac spice, however, is derived from the dried and ground berries of a specific type of sumac plant, Rhus coriaria. This bright and flavorful spice is often added to other spice blends, including za’atar. It’s also a common ingredient in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and is used in everything from meat dishes to salads. Sumac has a unique taste typically described as tangy and slightly fruity, a bit like lemon. But in addition to bringing a distinct taste to dishes, it also boasts a long list of impressive benefits. Sumac could have a powerful effect on blood sugar control, heart health, and even pain relief. When herbs and spices are rated for antioxidant levels sumac sits atop the list, even above commonly used spices like cinnamon and oregano. It even beats the acai berry (which is trending now as a health elixir), as well as many fruits and vegetables. Sumac is high in polyphenols and flavonoids, such as gallic acid, methyl gallate, kaempferol and quercetin. It also contains tannins, which act as antioxidants. The fruit is also sometimes used as a natural diuretic to help promote proper elimination and detoxification also V sumac spice is bright and flavorful, perfect for adding a bit of zing to your favorite dishes.
►Sumac refers to any flowering plant that belongs to the Rhus genus or the Anacardiaceae family, which often consist of small shrubs and sumac trees that produce bright red fruits known as drupes. These plants are grown around the world but are especially common in East Asia, Africa and North America. Some other popular variations include the staghorn sumac, African sumac, smooth sumac and fragrant sumac. ►The medicinal properties of sumac have been recognized for thousands of years, particularly in regions like South Asia and the Middle East, where sumac was commonly grown. In holistic medicine, it has been used to treat a variety of ailments. ►If you’re lucky enough to find fresh sumac in your area (staghorn or smooth sumac are the most common types in North America), use it to make sumac-ade. It’s made from crushed sumac berries steeped in cold water. Its flavor is a delicious cross between lemonade and cranberry juice. ►To use this versatile spice, mix it with olive oil and then use it as a coating when you oven roast your favorite vegetables — it’s especially great with cauliflower. Or add it to Middle Eastern spreads like hummus and Baba Ghanoush, or simply sprinkle it on top for a splash of color. You can also blend sumac with complementary spices to make a rub for meats or fish. A sprinkle of sumac is also a great way to perk up the flavor of popcorn or bread-dipping oil. ►While it has a diverse flavor profile, sumac blends surprisingly well with other spices such as allspice, chili, thyme and cumin. It’s also used to make Za’atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend, that includes oregano, thyme and sesame seeds. And for a completely different take, add sumac spice to a mixture of simple syrup and sparkling water. Stir in crushed mint sprigs and enjoy a refreshing summertime drink.
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Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Sumac Powder, 100gm | Non-GMO and Gluten Free | Indian Spice | Seasoning: Grocery
Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Sumac Powder, 100gm | Non-GMO and Gluten Free | Indian Spice | Seasoning: Grocery
Naturevibe Botanicals Organic Sumac Powder, 100gm | Non-GMO and Gluten Free | Indian Spice | Seasoning,Naturevibe Botanicals
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